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FKCCI WILL ORGANIZE A SEMINAR “ARE YOU A HACKER” WITH RALFKAIROS Nov 27 IN GANGNAM INTRODUCTION As an employee, you have access to some of the most sensitive information of your company. Credit card details, personnel id account, email adresses, private email contents… you are a gold mine for hackers and you are also responsible of data leaks regarding to the […]

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“IT system is enough protected” say CISO about their current security solution. Unfortunately, APT, economic intelligence, targeted phishing campaigns, fileless malware and ransomware are such very lucrative business, that reality is different. Since cloud revolution, company big data has become an asset and data outsourcing has hugely increased, with 2 impacts: – IT traditionnal infrastructure […]

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[2020] TOP 150 cyber companies worldwide

According to, here is the list in 2020 of 150 enterprises that count as being among the best in their field. Unfortunately, the list is sponsored by an american convention, so the U.S. has 112 companies listed, 38 non-U.S. companies. Israel, 18 companies, UK has 7, Canada has 5, and we don’t see […]

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Our wishes for 2020

The new year has just started that we have not yet finished taking stock of 2019 … Creation of the tech startup KAIROS in South Korea in October, association with Arthur 알톨 이 Mademba-sy for our Web offer, with Marc de Supervielle in Cybersecurity & audit. Event side: Co-organization of an event with French Tech […]

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