About us

Since 2015, RALFKAIROS assists clients in Korea to manage their IT related issues.
Services include cybersecurity reviews, IT audits, security training, project management assistance.

“Technological Competitive Assessment of Cybersecurity System in Overseas
countries” is 3-week to 3-month study we propose.

We support companies to address new market potential by reusing and adaptation of advanced cybersecurity technologies, across various industries beyond their original security applications in finance, healthcare, automotive, and more.
We identify key cyber technologies in Client portfolio, benchmark them, and create a strategic plan for market entry.

You can visit us in our offices in Paris and Seoul and book a meeting here.








a 19-year engineering background, Julien PROVENZANO has experiences as a system administrator, an IT architect and a security manager for different companies.

 In his role at AIRBUS he has been responsible for the deployment of new technologies for cybersecurity, intelligence and secure communications business units.

 Since 2017, he has been a consultant assisting clients with their handling of cybersecurity. His customer sectors include banking, insurance, telco, defense industries and government organizations.



de Supervielle has 25 years of experience in internal audit and IT consulting gained in Korea, the US, Japan and Europe.

His focus is chiefly on enterprise information systems, its risks, control alignment with other business processes.

He is also forensic auditor.

He is a certified information security manager (CISM), certified information system auditor (CISA) and certified fraud examiner (CFE).