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“IT system is enough protected” say CISO about their current security solution.

Unfortunately, APT, economic intelligence, targeted phishing campaigns, fileless malware and ransomware are such very lucrative business, that reality is different. Since cloud revolution, company big data has become an asset and data outsourcing has hugely increased, with 2 impacts:

– IT traditionnal infrastructure costs globally lowered
– Increased needs in security experts, information security officer, chief security officer with strong competition to hire

New major vulnerabilities appear :

– portfolio of applications & operating systems obsolescence
– partial compatibility with IAM and security event tracking.
– false-positive threats alerts increase, global insufficient patch management systems reactivity

Security strategy evolved according to zero-trust design principles with tight budget : outsourced solutions provided by CASB or cyber companies, new NOC/SOC technicians graduated replacing engineers, and next-gen security solutions like AI-threat intelligence, security “as a service” like Darktrace,CrowdStrike, Vectra AI,FireEye, Inc., Inc… etc…

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