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IT Security research trends in 2020’s

Dear all, recently we had to prepare for a cybersecurity conference an overview of current IT security research trends.

The objective was to understand what are the main innovations in cybersecurity that we could consider as professionals and that could impact our strategy to protect our companies or customers.

It was not so easy to do because of “buzzwords” and vendors influence in marketing studies or medias…

we found a few of those new topics:

– Edge computing & Fog computing
– Fileless Malware countermeasures
– Neural fuzzing
– Next-gen dashboard for RSSI including Indicators of Attack, of Compromise etc…
– Quantum crypto – SOAR Security Orchestration, Automation & Response, UEBA, CASB, EDR
– SOC reinforcement

As you are all experts in cybersecurity, or decision-maker, or project manager related to this field, we invite you to share your own understanding with us.

Our favorite book : https://amzn.to/35tMWsF

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